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Michael Garrett Steele is your friend. He is also a composer, writer, and performer. He worked on a piece that won “Best Original Song” at the 2017 AMP Awards for Music and Sound and a Silver Award at ProMAX Games for “Best Use of Music”. He is a member of Materia Collective, and he is perpetually for hire. His favorite thing is when musicians look at dots and lines and turn his ideas into harmonies. He is happy to do his favorite thing for you, for money and/or hugs. When he’s not working for hire, he’s on a mission to prove that humor belongs in music and that there’s room in the concert hall for a little lightheartedness.

You can reach him by Bat-Signal or email him at steelegarrett (at) hotmail (dot) com

You can also check out his Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, or Twitter.